The 3D Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna, A Pokédex For The Real World | Siliconera

"Over the course of the Nintendo DS ’ lifetime, we bore witness to the development of many unique genres of games that were allowed a place in the games market thanks to the nature of the device. Games like Brain Age or My Japanese Coach orFlash Focus: Vision Training that may not have been otherwise possible at the time. 

One such game is already available on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan: The 3D Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna, released last week.

This is a collaboration between four companies — Heibonsha, Nintendo, Paon, and Qtec. The “game” is exactly what it sounds like — an actual encyclopedia — but with a few very cool added twists. Before we get into those, let’s begin with the product’s history and how it came about”

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